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Emerging Market Services

Harvex advise on a wide range of financial topics, including accounting, cryptocurrency tax, regulation, international structuring, banking, gaming licenses and much more. Our expertise covers niche markets as financial landscapes continue to evolve.


Corporate Structuring

Where to register your ICO company?

Harvex provides professional structuring advice to Blockchain/Crypto & gaming related projects and clients around the globe.


Financial Reporting

Statements & Accounting Frameworks

This can apply to both corporate entities as well as individual traders within crypto or iGaming, on an international basis.


Specialist Taxation

Understanding complex tax landscapes

Specialisms in local and international taxation within our niche of emerging online markets.


Cryptocurrency Accountants

Harvex are experts in Cryptocurrency Accounting – we’ve being doing this a long time.

We know the industry – and accounting requirements – inside out, covering all forms of digital assets, coins and tokens. More than accounting, we understand the crypto market as a whole, the terminology and commercial aspects.

From the early days of cryptocurrency, we have worked with individuals and companies internationally, providing industry specific advice and services.

Our knowledge extends to the accounting of Trading, Investments / Hodl, Asset Management, Brokering, ICO’s, STO’s and even Crypto-ATM’s.

Accounting Treatment of Cryptocurrency

We can create your company’s cryptocurrency financial statements under IFRS, UK GAAP or US GAAP. Harvex have the know how to correctly value and book crypto-activities.

London, UK | Los Angeles, USA | Worldwide

Crypto has no boarders – neither does Harvex.

Between our UK and US offices, we are able to offer a full remit of services globally.

“Our current clients are based in; UK, USA, Malta, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Curacao, Estonia, Cyprus, Germany and more”


Crypto Accountant UK

Harvex’ team are Chartered Accountants, with many years’ experience in emerging markets.

Specifically to the UK, we work with a long list of Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies.


Crypto Accountant US

Our CPA’s have a vast amount of experience in Accounting for Crypto across the USA.

We work with Sole Proprietors, LLL’s and C & S Corporations.

International Complaince

Specialist Services

With over 15 years of combined corporate accounting expertise, our in-house team provide clear industry leading advice in an otherwise clouded regulatory landscape. Our unique expertise working across blockchain and iGaming, makes us the go to for corporate structuring, tax and accounting.

Initial Coin Offerings

Harvex are highly knowledgeable in all phases of an ICO, from set up and structuring, to bank account opening, private sale, pre-sale and public sale and beyond. We provide expert services covering accounting, tax, advisory and more.

Cryptocurrency Tax

Harvex have been providing cryptocurrency tax services since 2014 to individuals and companies internationally. We have the know-how to ensure every element of you tax return, or tax advisory is comprehensive, reliable and correct, whilst providing crypto asset management services alongside.

iGaming Accountants

Harvex provide accounting, tax and advisory services across the iGaming, egaming and remote gambling sector, from the Gaming hub of Malta to the rapidly growing markets of the UK, Gibraltar and further afield. Our knowledge covers online casinos and betting taking payment in both fiat, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency

STO Accounting

Setting up an Security Token Offering (STO) requires careful planning and attention. The Jurisdiction, KYC/AML, Banking, Accounting and Tax Planning must all be considered. Harvex are experts in the world of STO’s, with multiple clients in private, pre and public sale. When it comes to Accounting and Tax – we work with projects far past the STO phase.

Exchange Listing

Harvex are connected with every major crypto exchange. We have dedicated ICO listing services and STO listing services. Within reason, we can guarantee an exchange listing! This is due to our knowledge of the exact process, requirements, fees and timings.

Online Gaming License

Licensing your online casino, remote gambling site or betting site is essential before opertating. Here at Harvex, we know the licesing process inside out. We can arrange licenses for operators accepting both fiat and Bitcoin. Talk to us about requirements, fees and the application process.

Launching an ICO?

ICO Structuring & Planning

At Harvex, we’ve spent the last few years working with some of Blockchains largest companies, from exchanges to VC’s and more often than not, ICO’s. As many leading corporate brands begin move into this field and rush to learn the restrictions, legal frameworks required to run a successful ICO, we’re 2 steps ahead with our understanding.

Harvex can provide effective solutions quicker, more efficiently and most importantly cheaper than many well known institutions as we’ve got the experience to back up our expertise. Find out more about our ICO specific services below.

Major Industry Brands

Who We've Worked With

Our expertise across our niche markets has led to us working with some of the industries leading brands as retained service providers.

Our International Presence

Worldwide Structuring

With over 15 years of combined corporate accounting expertise, our in-house team provides clear industry leading advice in an otherwise clouded regulatory landscape. Our unique expertise working across Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and iGaming, makes us the go to for corporate structuring, tax and accounting.

UK | USA | Malta | Gibraltar | Switzerland | Bermuda | British Virgin Islands | Cayman Islands | Curaçao

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We regularly provide insight into some of the most pressing cryptocurrency accounting and compliance issues, ICO regulation and blockchain company formation guidelines.