Author: Daniel

By Daniel On 25th January 2020

How to sell bitcoin

Selling Bitcoin online There are many ways to sell bitcoin via online sources – the most popular being via a dedicated Bitcoin broker or a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase. Each method has a different sell process, with pros and cons for each, often depending on the type of crypto for sale, the required fees […]
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By Daniel On 10th September 2019

Moving to Malta

Are you considering moving to Malta? Malta is a popular destination for many, with a near perfect climate, thriving eSports, Gaming and Blockchain sectors, and idyllic sea views. Here at Harvex we have helped many people relocate to Malta. Here we will share some helpful advice for those considering moving to Malta. Moving to Malta […]
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By Daniel On 12th March 2019

Bitcoin Friendly Banks

Bitcoin Bank For those companies or people dealing with Bitcoin transactions on a daily basis, or those buying BTC as an investment, finding a suitable Bitcoin Bank that will hold their funds is essential. For some, owning digital assets can be considered risky enough, without the additional risk of banking complications. Bitcoin banking is viewed […]
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By Daniel On 11th March 2019

Do you have to pay tax on Cryptocurrency UK?

Here at Harvex, we are asked multiple cryptocurrency tax questions on a daily basis from UK tax residents. Rather than you trawling through pages of online content, we have summarised the main questions and answers here… If you have more questions, fell free to contact us. Do you have to pay taxes on Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency […]
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By Daniel On 20th November 2018

Bitcoin Tax – Is Bitcoin Taxable?

Recording taxes on Bitcoin Almost everyone these days has heard of Bitcoin.  Some people have positive and strongly held views of Bitcoin, confident in the belief that it will soon become part of every-day life.  Others want it to fail and believe Bitcoin being accepted as a currency is simply a fairy-tale. Either way, the […]
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