Author: Kathy

By Kathy On 14th March 2019

Cryptocurrency Self Assessment

The following cryptocurrency help is intended for UK individuals.  If you have a UK Ltd Company, please refer to our tax help for Companies. Cryptocurrency Self-Employed | Tax Returns for Individuals In this article we will discuss self-assessment tax returns and declaring cryptocurrency transactions including: Do you need to complete a cryptocurrency tax return?  Are […]
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By Kathy On 4th January 2019

Understanding Cryptocurrencies

Greater transparency, enhanced security, traceability and efficiency, all come to mind when contemplating over the advantages that distributed ledger technology (“DLT”) has to offer. The main objective behind public and open-source currencies is typically that of creating a decentralised environment whereby inessential intermediaries are eradicated and indirectly reducing unnecessary costs. It all revolves around the […]
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By Kathy On 26th November 2018

Bitcoin Accounting & Crypto Account Management

This article looks to set out current views among bitcoin accountants and traditional finance experts around the world with regards to how to treat digital assets when it comes to financial reporting. Why it’s important to ensure your bitcoin accounting and financial reporting is correct? This is very simple and can be summarised in a […]
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