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The emergence of blockchain technology has not only underpinned cryptocurrency, but also global businesses in a huge range of sectors. Here at Harvex we understand the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency, alongside the power of blockchain within emerging international markets. We’re leading blockchain accountants based in the UK, offering services across DLT platforms and Dapps.

Harvex work with clients who are creating or have created their own blockchain tech, as well as clients building products based on existing blockchain technology. We have a comprehensive range of services specifically tailored to blockchain companies at all stages.

Accounting for DAPP’s

Harvex have in-depth knowledge of accounting and taxation of blockchain companies. We bridge the gap between newly created technology and long-standing accounting & tax legislation. As legislation adapts, Harvex are at the forefront of developments to ensure your company continues to receive up to date compliance.

Our expert accountants and tax advisors work with many clients, based across the globe, providing a full remit of specialised blockchain accounting and tax services.

Blockchain Tax Returns | Tax Rebates

A lot of companies are unaware of the research and design tax credits available for technology companies, which in some cases can bring a substantial cash rebate. Harvex are highly experienced in claiming a wide range of international tax credits for new blockchain technology.

We have filed taxed credit claims in many countries around the world. Harvex will work with you every step of the way, assisting in assessing the R&D tax credit claim and filing the tax return with the tax authorities.

International Tax Planning

Building technology available worldwide brings with it the need for international planning. Harvex are experts at assessing your project and the international tax implications.

Crypto-Friendly Banking

If you choose to utilise your blockchain for cryptocurrency, Harvex will be able to open a crypto-friendly bank account for you, irrespective of where your company is located.

Company Set Up

Harvex open companies around the world, including the technology hotspots. We can guide you on the choice and undertake the full incorporation on your behalf.
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