Category: Blockchain

By Chris On 20th January 2019

The Evolution of iGaming Regulations

The internet has succeeded to unlock a whole new way for people to access products and services through a mere click of a button. This triggered a natural process whereby existing businesses started migrating parts of their undertaking to create more of an online presence. This new age facilitated the continued growth of commerce by […]
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By Kathy On 4th January 2019

Understanding Cryptocurrencies

Greater transparency, enhanced security, traceability and efficiency, all come to mind when contemplating over the advantages that distributed ledger technology (“DLT”) has to offer. The main objective behind public and open-source currencies is typically that of creating a decentralised environment whereby inessential intermediaries are eradicated and indirectly reducing unnecessary costs. It all revolves around the […]
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By Chris On 21st November 2018

Blockchain in Banking: The Yin Yang of our future Ecosystem?

The notion behind the Yin Yang, famous for its symbol emanating from China, depicts a scenario in which two forces might initially appear to be conflicting or incompatible in nature.     However, time would prove that the same two forces, which appear as being opposite, can instead end up complimenting each other, in a […]
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