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Coinbase UK Tax

We understand that working out your tax position based on your Coinbase UK tax data may be a complicated and time consuming process. Harvex are experts with Cryptocurrency Tax. We have bespoke software catered specifically to the UK market, and UK tax regime. We also have the knowledge to correctly tax withdrawals and deposits to Coinbase, whether in fiat or from crypto-wallets.

Not only do we have the correct software, we also have the experience to ensure you are taxed at the correct rate. In the UK, there are different tax rates depending on your individual circumstances. Our job is to make sure you are taxed correctly in the eyes of HMRC.

Taxes Report

In the UK, we have to differentiate between Crypto Traders and Crypto Investors. This will determine the rate on which you are taxed on your Coinbase income. Our Coinbase Taxes Report includes:

  • Assessment of trading status with HMRC (a very important step)
  • Gains or Losses from Coinbase / Coinbase Pro Data
  • Tax Calculation specific to the UK

The tax report we create is suitable for Self-Assessment Tax Returns, whether you file yourself, or we do on your behalf.

All we require are the csv / excel or API details and we do the rest.

Coinbase Tax Calculator

Harvex have tax calculator software (specifically for Coinbase UK taxes) that we can setup for your specific needs, populate and share with you. If you wish to have an ongoing assessment of your Coinbase UK tax position based on your constantly changing Cryptocurrency Portfolio, we have the ability to give constant updates.

Coinbase Pro Fills | Buy & Sell

Harvex are able to accurately calculate your tax liabilities if you have traded on CB Pro. We are able to integrate both Coinbase & CB Pro reports to ensure items are not taxed twice. If required, we can follow transactions through the blockchain to ascertain the correct taxable point for a sale or disposal.

Interpretting Reports

Not sure which reports to use for tax purposes? Harvex can explain the correct reports to use.

Other Exchanges?

Used more that one exchange? No problem. We work with reports from all the major exchanges.

Capital Gains or Income Tax?

Not sure how to tax your income? Speak to us so we can assess and inform you of your correct tax rate.
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