Crypto Exchange Accounting

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Starting an exchange

Crypto Exchange Formation

International Corporate Structuring

Harvex work with some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerages and trading platforms, making us one of the worlds leading advisory agencies for your corporate structuring needs. We have extensive experience in start-up companies through to multinational established organisations.

Company Formations

Selecting a jurisdiction to incorporate your crypto exchange, brokerage or trading platform is an exceptionally important decision. We guide you through the process with our industry experience and extensive background knowledge. Harvex have incorporated companies in 50+ countries, most with multiple ownership tiers. including cross border ownerships and multi-national shareholders

Harvex can provide the full remit of company secretarial services, including registered offices & nominee Directors if required.

Bank for Crypto Exchange

Our global network of clients and contacts specific to crypto related businesses and individuals means we can support your crypto exchange, brokerage and trading platforms with banking options worldwide. The frequent conversion of funds from crypto to fiat requires a certain type of account and we can support you directly with everything required.

Exchange Juristicton

The most important decision when starting a cryptocurrency exchange is where to register the company. We know the best solutions for each business scenario.

Secretarial Services

Make use of our registered offices, directors and secretarial services in your preferred location, without the need for a physical presence in the country.

Brokerage Bank Account

Converting cryptocurrency to fiat, or securing finance options on your crypto holdings, are all possible with our extensive partner network and experience of all situations.

Crypto Loans

Securing a crypto loan for your exchange, trading platform or brokerage is possible, without converting your currencies to fiat. Discuss options with our team.
Regulatory Protection

Crypto Exchange KYC

Harvex have global experience in different jurisdictions and the regulatory positions governments and tax offices take. We will assist you in aligning the requirements of your business with the trading regulatory requirements, including multi-national structures. Our connections with various governments, tax offices and legislations allow you to gain pre-approvals where available.

Exchange KYC & Anti Money Laundering

Harvex can assist with the implementation of exchange KYC/AML specific to the cryptocurrency sector. We work with leading, reputable providers at the forefront of digital verification. We can also advise on the bespoke crypto KYC/AML regulations for the countries of operation of your exchange, brokerage or trading platform.

Ongoing Compliance

As the cryptocurrency landscape continuously evolves globally, we provide ongoing cryptocurrency exchange advisory, specific to the sector to benefit you. We have connections with government departments & regulators and bring you the most up-to-date, relevant information for your business.

Government Connections

Experience working with Governments and tax offices in multiple international locations for exchange and brokerage clients provides you with unique solutions for your requirements.

KYC Requirements

On top of advising on required KYC/AML requirements, we support on you decisions and connections with who to work with, the best technical solutions and discounted pricing.

Regulatory Notifications

With the ever evolving industry becoming hard for you to stay on top of, we provide immediate notification services for regulatory changes that directly affect you.
Exchange Tax Advisory

Crypto Exchange Accounting

We provide tax planning and advice with specialist focus on the world of cryptocurrency, allowing you to spend more time on your business. We have clients across both individuals and corporate companies, based all over the world.

Exchange Trading Reports

Harvex have many clients who trade with a variety of online exchanges and platforms, allowing us a level of experience that’s second to none in the market. Converting the data from cryptocurrency to fiat can be a timely exercise for your business. We provide solutions to convert trading data into reporting packs and Financial Statements efficiently.

Crypto Tax

Often overlook across the industry, your crypto tax requirements are very much an important part of your exchange, trading platform or brokerage, keeping you on the right side of the local tax laws.

Exchange Experience

Having worked with major exchanges and clients who utilise a wide range of exchange and trading platforms, we’re here to offer insight from both a corporate and user/investor point of view.
Solutions & Guidance

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