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Harvex have comprehensive and reliable options for our clients to open a Cryptocurrency Bank Account. Whether individuals or companies, we’ve opened crypto bank accounts for those operating in the cryptocurrency sector for many years.

Opening A Crypto Friendly Bank Account

Opening a bank account should be fairly straight forward?

Well, for those operating with cryptocurrency, this can be anything but. Through the years at Harvex, many of our clients have struggled to open (and keep open) a bank account whether personally or professionally, if transacting with cryptocurrency on a regular basis.

If you need a bank opening, Harvex can assist.

Banks that allow cryptocurrency

When it comes to opening a cryptocurrency friendly bank account, you can waste a lot of time exploring the wrong options or be severely delayed by a lack of direct contact. We are connected with all the major crypto-friendly banks internationally. We have opened bank accounts in the UK, USA, Malta, Gibraltar, Estonia, Germany and many more.

We can also answer the common questions;

• What is a crypto-friendly bank account?
• Problems with non-crypto-friendly banks?
• How do I get a crypto-friendly bank account?
• How long does it take to open a crypto-friendly account?
• Which banks are crypto-friendly in Europe and the USA?


Need An Account?

Our team are experts in opening cryptocurrency related accounts, with a range of Banks and Financial Institutions. All our trusted partners are located in the UK or EU, with 100% of funds safeguarded and regulated.

Tell us a bit more about you or your business. We usually respond to enquiries within 24 hours.

Personal Account Enquiry

Fast opening of personal accounts, which accept individuals who interact with cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Business Account Enquiry

Tell us the basics about your business – our onboarding team are experts with crypto based businesses of all types.

Bitcoin Friendly Bank Europe

We are connected with major banks accepting individuals and companies transacting with Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies.

Bank Account for Crypto Business

Having a dedicated crypto friendly business account is essential. Harvex can ensure this account is opened.

Online Account

Whether online only, or with a high-street presence, Harvex can find an account that works for your needs.

Crypto Friendly Banks

Best bank account for cryptocurrency

Most importantly when it comes to banking, reputation matters. There is very little desire from anybody, or any business, to bank with a low rated bank. And you don’t need to. It is indeed possible to get a cryptocurrency friendly bank account, with a high rating in Europe and the USA

Offshore banking

With many (but not all) European and USA banks staying clear of onboarding cryptocurrency companies, lot of people are looking further afield for a suitable bank. Ideally, you can find a bank that wants you as a client, cryptocurrency and all. Or, you may find they want you to have a presence in the banks country via opening an entity there.

However, one thing should be considered when looking for your crypto-friendly bank and that is to consider offshore banking.

Personal / Individual Banking UK Account | USA Account | More

On an individual level, the bank may be very keen to have you as a client, but they need to be sure that all measures have been taken to prevent money-laundering. Here at Harvex, we’ve opened multiple personal crypto bank accounts and can handle the entire process.

Business Banking | Corporate Bank Account

If you are a corporation, it is advisable to talk directly to the bank – explain your project and business plus which type of funds you expect to go into the bank. If you intend to have most of your income from crypto sources, it’s advisable to gauge the banks risk profile of this.

It always helps to have a direct contact, Harvex have these connections!

If a bank brands themselves as crypto friendly, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are ICO friendly, or crypto-trading friendly. There are enough crypto-friendly banking options, even today, to get an account for exactly what you need and not worry about a future closure.

How long to open a crypto bank account?

It is worth remembering bank management may care how much money you have, compliance departments may not. Crypto banking is still at an infant stage. As such, compliance will need a lot of items and documents, sometimes originals, and will request far above a normal account opening.

Account opening times vary depending on the people and/or business. Generally account opening times run into months rather than weeks, however having Harvex handle the application can speed this up.

Cryptocurrency Deposits

We can ensure your account is set up to allow crypto deposits as frequently as you require.

Banks Not Allowing Bitcoin

It always helps to know who isn’t crypto-friendly, to save time and money. We know the industry of who prevents crypto banking.

Cryptocurrency Bank Account UK | Malta

From our European hub, we can personally introduce you to the best banks for crypto across Europe.

Cryptocurrency Banking

Which banks are crypto friendly?

It is useful to distinguish 2 types of bank account;

1) First, a ‘normal’ account, for a ‘normal’ business or profession, that occasionally accepts some liquidated cryptocurrency.

2) The second is a specific cryptocurrency bank account. This could be a trader, broker, exchange, OTC desk, on an individual or company level.

Bitcoin Bank Account | EOS, Ethereum and more

In the case of 1), a lot of people or businesses have received cryptocurrency into their bank accounts (probably accounts held for years) with major banks, with no problems.

These may not be full Bitcoin Friendly banks, but if you take a few payments a month in cryptocurrency, you may find your bank do not have an issue with you, especially if the values you receive are in line with regular income.

Additionally, for example, with a ‘normal’ bank account, some banks allow you to purchase Cryptocurrency, others do not. In some cases this is all that is required.

Banks accepting cryptocurrency

Do you need a truly cryptocurrency friendly bank account?

Harvex can introduce you to banks that can offer the full remit of crypto banking services. For example where you can receive liquidated cryptocurrency from an exchange in high volume, irrespective is the exchange is location in Estonia, Germany, Hong Kong or USA, for example. One where you can send funds to OTC desks and back to exchanges. Plus all other cryptocurrency bank transactions.

Crypto Trader / Broker

If you trade cryptocurrency, we have tried and tested banking solutions for you, wherever you are based internationally.

Accepting Crypto As Payment

If you are accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment, we can set up an account to allow you continue to do this, hassle free.

Liquidating crypto to bank

If you are liquidating crypto assets to fiat, speak to us to set up a bank account that accepts these fiat funds.
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