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Harvex Crypto Exchange Listing Service

Harvex act as a dedicated partner of ICO’s in order to get their tokens or coins listed on Exchanges.

We have a wide range of trusted exchanges that we’re connected or partnered with. Overall Harvex are connected to 70+ exchanges and as a result, we have the ability to get your project assessed and listed in a time efficient and cost effective manner.

As we’re sure you’re aware there are many exchanges out there, some that are just being set up and others that are very well known in the industry.

“How do I get my token or coin listed on an exchange?”

All exchanges have different criteria in terms of what tokens / coins they accept and the hoops that you need to jump through.

First the exchange will assess the coin under their individual criteria. As a result, the requirements and fees for a token/coin listing are wide ranging.

Secondly, in a lot of cases there is a fee to pay which, again, varies between the exchanges and is where working with Harvex can significantly reduce your spend.

The process need not be complex. Harvex are connected, experienced and knowledgeable across each step and we can undertake the entire listing process for you.

"Can Harvex Guarantee An Exchange Listing?"

In the majority of cases, yes! Harvex are exceptionally well connected with the exchanges and once we’ve assessed your coin and accepted the project, we’re almost certain we’ll get your coin listed. To us at Harvex, it’s more important to secure high volume exchanges than simply guarantee listing on less than suitable platforms.

Crypto Exchange Listing Requirements

Coin / Token Assessment

A professional, high quality business will stand you in a good position with an exchange. Unique business ideas also help. A large ICO fund raise is great, but not if the money won’t be managed correctly. As such, a great business model and confidence around business growth will be highly preferential to an exchange.

Harvex know the type of coin or token that is best placed at each exchange, this comes from experience working with exchanges across a wide remit. We will focus your exchange listing efforts based on your project and budget.

Project Team

The people behind the token or coin is a key part of the token assessment. When considering the projects team, you need to think more than just your ICO advisors – its likely these advisors will move on once the ICO is complete.

Some questions to ask are, who will manage the project going forward, are they experienced in the market and industry sector you’re targeting? Who is behind the project legally and financially? Are you conducting post ICO marketing and growth?

Ensure transparency across your entire team before submitting an application to exchanges.

“How long does it take to get listed on a crypto exchange?”

Timelines vary from days to months, however, we can use our connections to expediate the process as much as possible. Harvex have personal connections with most of the exchanges, we don’t deal with generic emails, and as such, can support your token or coin listing.

Security Token Exchanges

The number of security tokens on the market is rapidly increasing, however, some exchanges are yet to allow the listings of security tokens. Here at Harvex, we know who to target if you have conducted a security token offering (STO), saving you valuable time and money.

Crypto Exchange Contacts

In some cases, the exchanges reach out to us for upcoming ICO’s, or completed ICO’s. In these cases, our clients can jump the exchange listing queue.

International Clients

Harvex are highly experienced and efficient in getting tokens and coins listed. We are trusted by clients internationally.

Crypto Exchange Listing Process

Exchange listing fees

Harvex deal directly with the exchanges, we do not use middlemen. As such the fees you pay are competitive and unbeatable. Where possible, we negotiate with the exchanges to maximise your return for any listing fees.

Crypto pairings

On some exchanges you need to decide how many pairings you’d like, ie YourToken-USD, YourToken-BTC, this is a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’ll almost certainly want to pair with Bitcoin and US Dollar, but some valuable liquidity can be obtained from select pairings. In some cases, Harvex can negotiation free additional pairings for your token.

“How can I tell if my token or coin will be accepted by an exchange?”

Generally speaking, a strong product with a strong team and strong appeal will stand you in a better position than a coin lacking these qualities. However, this is just the beginning, the type of coin you are launching will also have an impact.

Whether you have a payment coin, utility coin or security token, Harvex will be able to guide you to the most suitable exchanges for your offering and list the coin for you.

Post Exchange Listing

Once you’ve gone through the hard work of getting your token or coin listed, you’ll want to stay listed! Having your token de-listed can have disastrous PR implications for your underlying project and the value of your coin on any other exchanges.

After the exchange listing process, owners of your token will continue to have an interest in a successful post listing company. Utility token holders retain value in usage, security token holders retain value in passive income. Harvex can pass on our experience in this area.

Marketing Services

Firstly, keep your project relevant. Harvex work with the market leader in the sector who can keep your project in the public eye. The more popular your product, the more it will be traded. Exchanges will not hold onto a coin with low trading volume and no market penetration, especially the big exchanges.

Accounting and Tax implications when listing on an exchange

Secondly, make sure your underlying business compliance is undertaken correctly. Public confidence is key to retaining a token listing. Having frailties in your accounting or legal work can have a negatively impact on your token value. Harvex are experts in all forms of cryptocurrency accounting across the board.