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Curacao Licenses

The Curacao gaming license is a popular choice for start up eGaming, betting and remote gambling operators and has been for many years. The Island of Curacao has been offering online gambling licenses for over 20 years.

Many well know sites operating from the island including those in a wide range of categories, including online casino, bingo, slots, roulette, betting, sportsbooks and lottery sites.

Curacao gaming license

Curacao License Application

We undertake the entire licencing process including Company Formation, document collation and filing the application with the Gambling Authority.

Gambling Bank Account

We can open a bank account for a Curacao gaming license. We have dedicated Online Gambling Bank Account services.

Merchant Account

Accept Debit and Credit cards through your online gaming site (Mastercard and Visa). Harvex can obtain a payment processor for a gambling site, including ones with a Curacao Licence.

Back Office Services

Our back office services, include specialist international tax planning during setup, accounting and day-to-day finance.

highly experienced in curacao licensing

Online Gambling License

We understand the licensing process with the Curacao licensing board in-depth, from start to finish. Not only do we frequently arrange licences for our clients, we also arrange suitable banking options and merchant accounts if desired.

We know the correct polices to adhere to the site, including which ones to show on your website.

License Cost

Our fees are exceptionally competitive. The cost for a Curacao gaming license is included in our fees, which vary depending on whether you wish for a stand-alone license, or license plus bank and payment processing facilities, and whether you require our back-office services.

Pricing can be seen our Ask An Expert section below.

Requirements for a Curacao Gaming License

The requirements for a gambling licenses in Curacao are;

    • Proof of identity (Certified Passport) of the owners of the gambling company.
    • Proof of address of the owners.
    • Owners must pass a criminal record check.
    • Background of the games (eg .roulette, slots, poker) being offered, including software license agreements if developed externally and information on the fairness of the games.
    • Terms & Conditions including prevention of underage gambling policies, Anti Money Laundering policies and polices relating to responsible gambling.

If you require policies being drafted, Harvex can arrange this. If you wish to discuss the requirements in further detail please contact us.

Tax Planning, Accounting, Back Office

Our service offering doesn’t stop once you have a licence and bank account.
Once your eGaming site is up and running, we can provide a full suite of back office functions, drawing on our specialism as accountants for online casinos, and personal tax planning.

Tax Efficient Structure

We help in the structuring of remote gambling sites for tax purposes. As qualified accountants, our experience in international tax structuring is wide ranging. We can bring our expertise to assist you in the corporate structure of the companies that own your site.

Ask An Expert!

The Harvex Team answer your FAQ's

What countries are we allowed to operate under the Curacao gaming license?

The following countries are considered restricted markets under the Curacao License: Aruba, Belize, Bonaire, Curacao, Cyprus, France, Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St Martin and USA.

Although not specifically restricted by the Curacao gaming license itself, one needs to also take into consideration certain regions in the world that have specific legislation and licensing authorities in place which permit the company to hold a local licence to service customers legally. These countries include but are not limited to: The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Malta, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Lithuania. We can supply you further guidance on these territories if required.


Why would I get a Curacao license, what are the advantages?

Curacao is attractive for the simplicity of its gambling laws. Only one license is needed for any type of gambling operation. It doesn’t matter if you run a casino, a sportsbook, or a website that does it all; one license is all that’s needed.

The process for getting a gaming license in Curacao is significantly easier than dealing with the UK Gambling Commission or most other licensing agencies in which there are multiple types of licenses, fees that go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and application processes so complicated that lawyers must be hired.


What type of license is it? What games does it cover?

The Curacao gaming license can be used to cover various online gaming operations such as casino, poker, betting, lottery, sports books and it also permits white labelling. There are not different forms of licenses for the different gaming operations, there is one license for all.


How long does it take to set up?

The entire set up process itself takes 3-5 weeks depending on the client’s turnaround time in supplying the necessary documents and information to complete the license application, approval process and compliance services. This is the quickest of all licenses.


What documents are needed to set up the licence and what forms do we need to complete? Can we send electronic copies or do these need to be physically posted?

The documents we will ask you to supply are as follows:

  1. Certified true copy of passport/identity card (Colour required)
  2. Certified true copies of proof of residential address (issued within the last 3 months).
  3. Updated Curriculum Vitae (Resume) duly signed
  4. Original criminal conduct certificate (issued within the last 3 months) or declaration of no criminal conviction (we can supply templates)
  5. Professional Reference letter – to be completed by an accountant and Lawyer (template provided)
  6. Proof of Domain Ownership

 Additional documents that we will require to review are as follows: 

  1. Responsible gaming Policies
  2. Underage gaming Policies
  3. Terms and Conditions
  4. Proof of RNG Certification (if applicable)
  5. Copies of software license agreements (if applicable)

All can be sent electronically via email.

Documents must be in English, If they are not in English, then we will require a certified true copy of the original documents plus a certified translation of this document.


Do we have to open a company in Curacao, or can the license be assigned to another company in another country?

Although there is a preference towards opening a company based in Curacao, we have the ability to assign the license to countries outside of Curacao. Examples of countries that we have assigned to include Belize, The Seychelles and Costa Rica. For more information, please enquire [email protected]


If we want complete anonymity with our owners is it possible to have nominee directors and shareholders?

Yes, this facility is available


How many shareholders/Directors can we have?

You can have as many shareholders as you need, for each shareholder/Director we will require the documents specified in the point above.  


Is it the website or company that is put on the license?

The company will be inserted on the license not the website, this means if you would like to add another domain which will be housed by the same company this is acceptable.


Is it possible to add another domain to the same licence to save costs?

Yes, the license package we offer includes 2 URLs. Additional URLs can be added for a small fee on top of this if needed.


What is the price of the licence? What does it cover?

Our license packages differ depending on the country you choose to incorporate the company which holds the license as well as whether you would like to incorporate an EU subsidiary company for the payment processing. We offer package deals which generally include the following:

  • Incorporating license holding company, including first year’s fees of local representative, legal office fees and administrative fees.
  • Incorporation of EU company including first year of local secretary.
  • Annual license including compliance check fees.
  • Application to Payment Processors tailored to jurisdictions targeting and preferred ways of deposits.
  • Application to bank account (subject to approval)

These packages would cost in the range of $15,000 to $25,300 and you will have the ability to pick and chose if there is something on here you do not require our services for.


Do you need to renew the license, or does it hold indefinitely?

Yes, you are required to renew the license annually and there is a fee to this.


How does the licence work in Curacao, is it issued directly from the government? 

The Curacao Minister of Justice granted 4 (four) Online Gaming Master Licences issued; these 4 licenses were issued to: 

  1. Cyberluck Curacao N.V. #1668/JAZ
  2. Gaming Services Provider N.V. #365/JAZ
  3. Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V. #5536/JAZ
  4. Antillephone NV #8048/JAZ

 The Master Licence holder issues Sublicences to online gaming operators that meet the requirements. Sublicensees are entitled to operate under the Master Licence holder’s License and enjoy all the same rights and privileges the Master License Holders enjoys, apart from the ability to further sublicense. The regulatory framework in Curacao allows the 1 Licence to cover any and all games of chance and/or skill, in addition to related activities such as software providers, platform operators, and aggregators.


Is it possible to open a bank account in the name of the Curacao company?

Yes, we have partners and solutions for this; subject to approval of business model. We can discuss further options with you.


Does the curacao licence permit crypto deposits and withdrawals, and do we still need a license if we only have crypto deposits?

 Yes, just because the form of deposits is in bitcoin or another form of crypto does not mean that a license is not required.

 The Curacao license allows for Crypto gambling operations.


Do you have to implement AML/KYC Policies if you have the Curacao gaming license?

As Directors/owners of the company you will have an obligation to ensure that the money or crypto deposited is clean and that your website is not utilised to funnel laundered money of any sort. The level of AML/KYC checks will depend on the value of deposits and withdrawals as well as the jurisdiction that these come from.

It would be expected that a policy is written up, which we can assist with, and documented on your website for your clients to see.


Do we need a RNG Certification?

Yes, RNG certification is required for any kind of game, lotto etc powered by an RNG and this not included in our license package. Only a recognized 3rd party laboratory can do such tests and issue such certificates, and there are several of these in the world, each have their own fees. The certificate must be provided by the client.


Do we need to host our game on Curacao servers? Is this correct?

You can host wherever you like, to satisfy the compliance requirements we include server space provided by a sister company on the island. This is only to back up data and not webhosting and this will suffice the requirements. (included in our package) 


Do you provide the bookkeeping and filing services as well?

Yes, we have a team of certified chartered accountants and we only service the gambling and crypto industry, so this is our area of expertise. We can offer an entire finance function which we can supply further details on.  It is important your financial books are in order from both a personal, corporate and compliance perspective. For example, if you have profit share arrangements for consultants, if you issue dividends to your shareholders and generally if you want to be aware of how profitable you are on a monthly basis.

 A set of financial statements is also needed to submit the relevant authorities at the end of the financial year.


Harvex can provide factual information and assistance, however we do not provide legal advice.

Harvex do not work with gambling/gaming operators who wish to market to restricted countries, such as the USA.

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