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eSports Accountants and Tax Advisors

Harvex are specialist accountants and advisors in the world of eSports. From players to teams, to agencies to events, we handle the financial tasks of a wide range of individuals and companies.

Our current clients play all the top games you’d expect to see, such as; Dota 2, CSGO, Starcraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, Quake, Heroes of the Storm, Halo, Call of Duty and many more.

As the eSports industry has continued to grow and boom, we’ve been helping our clients in this exciting sector comply and complete all their accounting needs.

eSports Taxation

We handle the boring bits whether tax on your company, or individual/personal income.

Our tax services cover; Income Tax Returns, Self-Assessment, Corporation Tax, Business and Corporate Taxes and VAT.

We also operate with a strong understand of the eSport industry with regards to your income.

Players Tax

Whether your income is via a fixed or monthly contract, a performance fee, winnings bonus or a mixture – we can help with your taxes.

One of the big questions is, how do pro-gamers, who compete around the world, or in international events get taxed personally? Here at Harvex, we have the answers. We can bring our experience of eSport player taxes to ensure you are tax compliant.

Our services even extend to tax relocations for eSports individuals, who can obtain preferential tax status’ in eSports hubs in, for example, moving to Malta.

Prize money tax

Our international reach allows us to correctly tax your prize winnings, whether you’re a team, or part of the team and irrespective of where you live. Our pro-gamers, presenters and commentators are based in the UK, USA, Poland, Malta, Germany and many more locations.

Winnings tax

Winning an eSports competition is big business, with big rewards. The last thing you’d want is to pay an unnecessary tax bill. Team winnings can be amassed from around the world – all bringing a different set of tax rules. Our eSports tax advisors can ensure your team correctly taxes winnings, utilising all legitimate tax savings and tax breaks available.

eSports Agency Accounting

We provide a full remit of accounting and tax services to eSports agents and agencies, from Financial Statements, to International Structuring advice.

Corporation Tax | Business Tax

Our tax advisory team are experts in the field of corporate taxation complying with HMRC, Inland Revenue and other jurisdictions.

Bitcoin in eSports

As Bitcoin became a way of payment for players and a method of prize winnings for teams, Harvex have ensured companies and individuals remain compliant.

eSports Cryptocurrency

Harvex have been at the forefront of the DLT & Cryptocurrency sectors since the early days, including as BTC, ETH, LTC enter the eSports market.

eSports Advisory and Support

Starting an Esports Team | Company Set Up

The initial set up of an Esports team can seem daunting. Here at Harvex we’ve worked with teams from day one. This includes setting up the corporate structure, arranging player contracts and setting up payment schemes.

We are partners with top Esports agencies who can provide commercial support and event openings as you grow your team.


We can open bank accounts, for pro-gamers, teams and other people or companies involved in the Esports sector, including offshore banking. We also have options within the UK, EU, USA and more.


Aside from tax on Esports sponsorships, we have partners who can advise, and even represent your team as you search for a sponsor.

Solutions & Guidance

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