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Harvex are a major provider of successful license applications in Europe, for the best licences available to suit your specific gambling requirements.

Firstly you need to assess whether you need a gaming, egaming, betting or remote gambling license and whether the restrictions of the license are suitable for your business.

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Through our extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, Harvex will work with you to find the correct type of gambling license. We are connected with all the main licensing authorities, including sub-licensors.

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Our back office services, include specialist international tax planning during setup, accounting and day-to-day finance for your online casino or igaming site.

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Harvex provide a full stack solution to online gaming, egaming, betting & remote gambling licenses. We offer options for both Fiat (GBP, USD, EUR, AUD etc) and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS) or a mixture.

Whether you are an individual or company and wherever you’re based in the world, we can support throughout the four key stages of gambling licenses; requirements, cost, application and ongoing compliance.

Types of Gaming License

There a few igaming licensing hotspots around the world and assessing these upfront is essential. The type of license you require will depend on a wide variety of factors, the category of gaming, gambling or betting, the jurisdiction you and your customers are based in, and the currencies (including cryptocurrencies) you plan to accept as payment. Each licensing authority has a different list of positives and this will influence the decision.

Licence Categories

There are a wide range of categories, including online poker, bingo, slots, roulette, casinos, sports betting, sportsbooks, lottery sites, plus many more. It is important to align your online gaming license with your activity.

Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin Gaming Licence
Harvex can also arrange the appropriate licencing for crypto gambling operators. This type of license is unique and brings a specific set of requirements. Harvex can support with licensing for your related category.

Types of Gaming Licences

Harvex are able to licence your casino in the most suitable locations

Once you decide where to register your online gambling company, you’ll need to file a formal application. In some cases this is obtaining a license from the regulator, in others it would be obtaining what’s know as a ‘sub-license’ from approved and regulated license holders. In either case, the application process can be supported by Harvex.

Curacao License

The country of Curacao was one of the first to begin to legislate for online gambling activities, back in 1996. Since then, the egaming license has been used by online casinos around the world to provide a framework for online gaming and gambling. The Curacao licence is perfect for operators looking to operate globally, where a local license does not exist. The Curacao e-gaming license has a list of restricted countries, for example the USA, however in keeping with the forward thinking approach, the Curacao gaming licence is one of very few licensing authorities that allow cryptocurrency (eg Bitcoin) gambling.

UK Gambling Licence

The UK Gambling Commission oversees gambling activities in the United Kingdom. The UKGC regulates both land and remote gambling operators covering casinos, lotteries, sportsbook and gaming platforms. A UK gaming licence is viewed very favourably due to the strict upfront and ongoing monitoring of gambling activities. Although the process is more onerous than the Curacao option, once obtained a UK license makes banking and payment processing easier. The potential downside is the UK licence is it is for UK operations only and not able to be used globally.

Malta Gaming License

Malta is a hive of activity for online gaming. The Malta online gaming licence, which is issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), is considered a highly reputable option. The remote gambling framework was developed in 2004 (the first in the EU) and covers both online gambling sites and game providers alike. As a result there are multiple platforms and casinos registered and licensed on the island of Malta. Much like its UK counterpart, the Maltese conduct upfront and ongoing due diligence on the entities they licence, with gaming duties due to the government.

Applying For A Gambling License

How do I apply for a gaming licence?

Complying with the rules of the license issuing regulator is, of course, essential. During the application process, the regulation will be explained and an applicant will need to confirm they will adhere to the guidelines. Harvex will work with you to ensure you select a license that regulates your online igaming business suitably.

Crypto casino

The application process for online gambling with crypto as a payment method has an enhanced level of due diligence. The application may be slightly longer, however it is possible to obtain a licence to cover punters using cryptocurrency.

Gambling | Gaming Company Incorporation

A potential gambling license holder may be required to incorporate a company in the jurisdiction in which they are applying for the license, irrespective of where the license holder is geographically based themselves. With the connections Harvex have, this process is usually fast. We can then applying for an online gaming bank account.

As a result, Harvex can oversee the entire process of opening a gambling or gaming company for you, including completing and filing all paperwork. To date, Harvex have opened companies in over 50 countries.

Do gaming licenses have to be renewed?

Yes. All licenses have to be renewed and reviewed. This is to ensure you're still operating under the rules of your license and you will be required to prove this with your renewal application. We can handle renewals for you and maintain compliance through regular bookkeeping as your accounting firm.

What will stop us from getting a gambling license?

There are many factors that will affect this process, the first of which will be a criminal conviction. If you have one, you won't get a license. Then things such as general compliance, who are you, who are the directors, where are you based, how will you check players and handle payments, will you do KYC/AML checks, where has the money come from to start the casino, how will the game be financed etc Speak with us to determine your eligibility for certain licenses.

How long does it take to get a gaming license?

It really depends on how prepared you are for compliance and what license you require. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months to get sorted, or longer if your business is not yet ready for the license to be issued.

What is a gaming license?

Well simply put, you cannot facilitate the act of gambling without a suitable license, be that in a physical casino or an online egaming platform. It is illegal around the world to do so, while each licence only allows the operation of such business in certainly locations and to certain nationals. Speak with a specialist consultant or lawyer before starting any gambling business.

How much is a gaming license?

Gaming licenses vary greatly, as do the costs. Prices start from £15,000 for the easiest and least intrusive to secure licenses, up to £100,000 per year for some of the more complex jurisdictions and licenses. it will really depend on where you need to license and what type of egaming license you require.

How do you get a gaming license?

Securing a gaming license is not a simple process and should be carried out be specialists in the industry. You will need to provide significant documentation to prove your compliance and suitability for the license, no matter where that license may be from.

Do Bitcoin gambling sites need a licence?

Online gaming sites accepting Bitcoin are required to obtain a licence before operating, in the same way a 'normal' gambling site would. However, the process of obtaining a licence for a cryptocurrency gambling site is considerably harder - licencing authority options are extremely limited. If you wish to open an online casino accepting cryptocurrencies, leading online gaming experts Harvex can obtain a crypto gaming licence for you.

How much is an online gaming licence?

Online egaming licenses, also know as remote gambling or betting licences vary in cost depending on the issuing jurisdiction. The cost will further vary depending on whether the gambling authority requires you to have a company in the jurisdiction (increasing costs) and which countries are white-listed. As such, an online gaming licence cost can range from tens of thousands of US Dollars upwards.

Licence compliance & questions

Gambling licence renewal | Maintaining your gaming license

Generally, licenses are issued for a period of 12 months, after which an extension will need to be filed. The regulatory bodies have the right to inspect the holder throughout the license term and check the guidelines are being followed.

Providing the rules have been followed the renewal process can be undertaken in a reasonably short timescale, for both traditional online sites as well as those accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other Cryptocurrency. Harvex will be able to support you on renewing application.

We know the industry

We've helped many iGaming businesses obtain licences from the UK, Malta & Curacao, making Harvex a leading provider for licencing applications in the industry.

Our knowledge

We know what's required and how to apply, so we won't waste time with failed applications, getting you online as soon as possible with a suitable licence.

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