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How to create an ICO

ICO Formation

Company Formations

Harvex can incorporate companies internationally and advise on the optimum ICO jurisdictions. We have incorporated companies in 50+ countries, most with multiple ownership tiers. including cross border ownerships and multi-national shareholders

Harvex can provide the full remit of company secretarial services, including registered offices & nominee Directors if required.

Crypto Friendly Banking

Our network of clients and contacts specific to crypto related businesses and individuals means we can support ICO’s with banking options worldwide. As the banking sector develops to accommodate crypto related businesses and activities we can assist with bank account opening or changes. Harvex are connected with all the major banks and can open accounts for ICO’s irrespective of the launch territory.

Incorporating Companies

Incorporating your ICO in the right territory is essential for regulatory compliance, KYC/AML and Tax.

Registered Offices

Our international offices provide the ideal solutions for your ICO registered offices and addresses.

Opening ICO Bank Account

Securing the right bank account is a complex task, which we’ll handle in the most effective way possible for your crypto business.

We're Connected

Our existing connections ensure speed alongside the most suitable accounts and relationships in the industry.
Build for the future

ICO Company Structuring

The initial set up of an ICO corporate structure is an especially important task, as unwinding a structure in the future is problematic.

Harvex are experts in building bespoke corporate structures considering all aspects of an ICO; Director/Investor geographical locations, crypto regulations, taxation, AML/KYC, banking and any future exit plans. We work with ICO’s based globally to build structures that complement the exact nature of the ICO, whether Utility Token, Security Token or Payment Token.

We have extensive experience in outset planning of ICO’s and provide the full remit of services to ensure best practice, compliance and ultimately a robust structure.

Know Your Client & Anti Money Laundering

Harvex can assist with the implementation of KYC / AML specific to the ICO space. We work with the leading providers who are approved by the crypto banking sector.

Bespoke Corporate Structuring

Prevent issues with current and future regulations by ensuring your corporate structure is correctly configured from the outset.

Consider the ICO

Future plans for the ICO are an essential part of company formation and must be understood early in company structuring.

Best Practice

Best practice throughout structuring not only ensures regulatory compliance but supports banking, KYC & Tax considerations.

Token Type

Whether you’re creating a Utility, Security Token or Payment token will greatly effect the exact requirements of your structuring.
Crypto Statements & Frameworks

Financial Reporting

Accounting For Initial Coin Offerings 

As the ICO landscape continuously evolves globally, we provide ongoing advisory specific to the sector. We have connections with government departments & regulators and bring our clients the most up-to-date, relevant information for their business.

ICO Financial Advisory

Harvex can provide a wide range of supporting financial advisory specific to the the ICO sector. Whether this been general guidance on the financial process, reviewing white papers, creating projections or offering tailored advice, Harvex are experts on the full roadmap from outset idea to ICO listing and beyond.

Initial Coin Offering Tax | Regulatory Advisory

The world of ICO taxation is rapidly evolving as different jurisdictions catch up. Harvex can provide a wide range of tax services for ICO’s, both the company and the individuals behind it. More than our niche tax advice, Harvex are in contact with many tax authorities, gaining valuable information about the future plans of many countries.

Whitepaper Reviews

We take a deep dive into financial and regulatory considerations within your whitepaper to ensure correct procedures are followed.

Financial Projections

Financial forecasts for an ICO business can be essential, providing considerable value to you and your investors.

ICO Exchange Listings

We’ll support the process of listing your currency on major exchanges, with early conversations starting pre-ICO.

ICO Regulatory Notifications

We keep our ear to the ground on regulatory changes and notify your team on any developments that require action.
Take your currency, token or coins forward

Post ICO & Cryptocurrency Services

Harvex are specialists in working with projects after their token sales or supporting unique ICO & crypto cases including reverse ICO or restructuring for a fork of an existing dead token. Whatever your specific projects needs, Harvex can advise on the best way forward for the security and compliance of your business.

Crypto Tax Planning & Advisory

We provide tax planning and advice with a specialism on crypto related taxation. Our global reach and global clients allow us to provide advisory services internationally with matters such as corporation tax, personal tax, VAT and capital gains.

ICO Exchange Listing

Harvex are well connected with the major exchanges and can assist in the listing of your token as well as facilitating introductions and advice. We’re able to list a range of token types including STO Exchange listing.

Reverse ICO

Harvex are at the forefront of the newly emerging ‘reverse ICO’ market. We have been instrumental in the conversion of established businesses to decentralised structures, plus the raising of additional funds via a coin offering. This type of ICO is unique in its set up and Harvex can provide the specialism to support throughout the entire process.

Solutions & Guidance

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