Casino merchant accounts

Fully manage all payments via your processor

Gaming merchant accounts are difficult to acquire outside of specialist providers who are happy to accept the higher risk payments. The providers often come with high fees, but Harvex have worked to find the best providers alongside payment gateway Payed.

Card payments for casinos

iGaming platforms need ecommerce functionality

Without being able to accept card payments, your business will be limited to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This is a great option but will limit your abilities to make big bucks! Card payments are the ultimate goal for most licenced online casinos and Harvex have ensured we can deliver card payments for complian iGaming platforms.

Risk makes payment gateways nervous

Working with a specialist payment gateway is the best option for licenced casinos

The Problem with risk is it's costly for the providers to manage, increasing compliance checks and the time to onboard, it's often easier to ignore and reject a gambling company for a payment processor than to give them an account. At Harvex, we're experts in gaming financial risk, we know the ins and outs so you can focus on your business.

Accept Credit and Debit Cards

Gaming payment processing for your casino

Accepting cards payments (such as Visa) to your online casino or betting site is an important step towards increasing market share and users. Finding a specific online gambling payment processing company is essential to ensuring a smooth process of accepting debit and credit cards.

Through our extensive experience in the online gambling sectors, Harvex are connected with industry leading, betting friendly online gambling payment processing entities.

We are able to undertake the full due diligence process, recommend and implement a full online gambling payment processing set up.

gambling Payment gateways

Harvex are connected with multiple payment gateways for online casinos. Whether you run Roulette, Blackjack or Slots, whether you have live dealers or blockchain based, we have multiple payment gateway for online casino options to support your business.

We have integrated payment gateways into companies based both inside and outside the EU, with a variety of licenses in different jurisdictions.

Curacao Licence

Integrate debit and credit card payment processor options for your site with a Curacao Gaming License.

UK/Malta Licences

Full range of options to accept card payments under the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority.

Other Licences

Have another type of license or need help getting one? Talk to our team who can assist you.

Online Casino Payment Methods

Payment processing for online betting

Here at Harvex we have worked with online betting sites as the section has rapidly grown. Our current clients operate across sports betting, esports betting and a multitude of sports such as Football, Soccer, Rugby, CSGO, Fortnite and more.

We have multiple options for both debit and credit card processing for online betting sites.

Casino online payment methods

Aside from card processing, there are multiple betting site or casino online payment methods. The most popular remains debit or credit cards, with cryptocurrency and prepaid cards viable alternatives.

Depending on your license and operational countries, Harvex will be able to advise which betting site or casino online payment methods are available and implement these solutions.

Casino Visa Debit cards

Visa is the most popular form card deposit on online casinos. Online casino visa debit options are therefore highly sort after as a deposit method by site operators. Harvex are able to source and implement online casino visa debit gateways. Our team are highly experienced in assessing gambling sites, including AML and KYC procedures to support your site.

Online Casino Deposits

We have supported multiple online casinos with a wide range of deposit methods – both fiat and cryptocurrency.

Payment Processing AML

Harvex can support in the creation of a bespoke and specific AML policy to cover debit and credit card deposits.

Debit Card Chargebacks

Minimise your chargebacks with a dedicated and specific payment processor, who understand the gaming industry.

Casino Merchant Account

Providers, banks & accounts

Harvex can setup a merchant account for your online casino. The online casino merchant account will show all transactions made by your players, allowing you to decide when to withdraw to your bank account. Our online casino merchant account has multiple currency options, such as EUR, GBP, USD and more. As with all our payment processing options, our merchant accounts are suitable for worldwide companies, operating under a range of licenses in a variety of jurisdictions.

Gambling bank account

Need a gambling friendly bank account for your online site? Here at Harvex we have provided bank accounts to multiple online casinos and betting sites. For more information see our extensive options for an online gaming bank account.

Where should I incorporate my online casino?

There are a few countries where you can incorporate an online casino, along with a suitable licence for your activities. The countries are, on the most part, UK (plus Isle of Man and The Channel Islands), Gibraltar, Malta, Curacao and Antigua & Barbuda. Remember, the licencing country will have a set list of requirements including countries you must geo-block for your gambling activities. Online gaming experts Harvex will be able to explain the difference between all the different options.

Casino Payment Gateway FAQs

Quick find answers for payment processors

We know the industry

We've helped casinos all over Europe secure payment processing with accepting bank accounts, with complete understanding of all compliance, KYC and AML.

Our knowledge

Our knowledge of the space will give your gaming business the edge, where our contacts with gateways will ensure a compliant platform and business will get payment processing.

iGaming related services

Accounting & banking for casinos

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