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Opening business and personal accounts for gaming

Gambling is often overlooked by high street banks

Harvex have successfully developed online accounts solutions for iGaming businesses, where compliant online casinos will be accepted for a bank account.

The Harvex team are the most experienced gaming bank account advisors in the space, now directly involved in the management and creation of bank accounts for gambling companies.

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Gambling bank account compliance

You'll need to be licenced, compliant and legal

Our team are gaming compliance experts, with years of experience of handling application compliance for not only igaming bank accounts but gaming licences as well.

We support hundreds of casinos, lotteries and prize websites with their compliance and accounting needs, where their bank account is the primary objective to being able to trade online.

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Accounts for GBP & EUR

Run your casino in Europe with an account to suit

Even if you're accepting Bitcoin and have struggled with securing a payment processor for card transactions, a GBP or EUR account will be essential. Moving funds between currencies and accounts and paying staff or directors from your online bank account will take just minutes with our partner accounts at Xace.

Harvex also broker Bitcoin for GBP, EUR and USD, while we offer FX in 28 currencies globally.

Applying for a gaming bank account

Fast application with guaranteed acceptance for compliant casinos & games

Due to Harvex's access for gambling accounts, if we accept your compliance documentation, we can guarantee a bank account for your business or personal use.

Challenges in banking for casinos

iGaming faces huge challenges when it comes to banking, where compliance simply scares off many mainstream banks - it's far cheaper and less complicated for them to reject businesses and gamblers like you.

These challenges can be overcome by specialist providers like our partners Xace and with advisors like Harvex. Our understanding of what you need to provide and how you must operate, is unrilvalled in the gaming industry.

The application process

Harvex enables a whitelist application directly on our site. This application enables us to assess your risk to our bank account provider. Once we understand the basics, we can take the time to support your onboarding directly with Xace in a fast and pain free process.

An application can take just a matter of days.


We handle the compliance for account approval, so we will be able to tell you if you're application is suitable for an account or not before you put in the time of arranging all the documentation.

Account Manager

Applying for a gaming bank account via Harvex ensures you have the access and support you truly need for acquiring the right account for you.

Managed Accounts

Don't have the time to handle all your banking needs? Harvex offer managed bank accounts for your business account, where we will manage all payments as per your requests via a dedicated account manager.

Payment processor, broker & FX linked accounts

Accounts offered by Harvex enable seamless integration with all your gaming payment needs

We have supported the development of bank accounts that integrate Bitcoin brokerage, FX and payment processing services, through a network of partners and proprietary technology.

Receive GBP & EUR same day from our Bitcoin Broker, utilise 1 day FX to over 28 currencies and secure the payment gateway you need without fear of rejection from your bank account provider.

Bitcoin Broker

Our Bitcoin broker solution for casinos integrates directly into your Xace bank account. This is possible due to shared compliance, which is a unique solution in the industry. Once you're compliant with a Xace ID, this will be accepted by our payment providers, including our BTC Broker, Relayed.

Sell BTC and receive either GBP or EUR into your account same day when combined with a Xace gaming bank account.

Gaming FX SOlutions

FX or financial exchange, is extremely difficult to arrange for casinos, lottos, raffles and online games, where not only will requests be refused, any successful trades will come with extremely high fees.

We can ensure trades are completed and sent within a day, with fees starting at 0.5% depending on the amount and risk to our partner providers.

Payment gateways & merchant accounts

Securing a payment gateway and merchant account is one part of building your iGaming solution, but the nex issue is ensuring your bank account accepts payments from this provider. Our payment gateway solution is guranteed to be accepted by Xace while again your Xace ID for compliance will make your application almost instant.

Cross Industry Compliance

One compliance application for all your payment services needs. This unique development for the industry, co-founded by Harvex, will enable one compliant ID to be used for any service in gambling.

Seamless Integration

At Harvex our priority for clients has always been simplifying processes and making the business for money easier to manage than any other firm in gambling. We've now achieved this aim.


By having your egaming bank account underpin every financial product for your business or professional gambling life, we've ensured efficiency so you can focus on what's most important.

iGaming Account Features

Digital cards, direct debits, SEPA & UK Faster Payments

Any bank account needs to have the minimum requirements you need to handle payments either as a business or an individual and Harvex ensure you have accounts, or multiple accounts, to handle everything you need.

Virtual debit card

Virtual debit cards now provide a powerful additional feature to accounts in high risk industries, otherwise only found with industry leading challenger banks. Use card payment networks such as Apple Pay with a virtual payment card and without the need for a physical card.

Direct debits

Direct debits are often overlooked for accounts for high risk merchants, where only the most basic transaction features are available. Setup and cancel direct debit mandates through your own online banking accounts.


Your EUR account will run via the SEPA network, improving the delivery of payments to any other EUR account.

UK Faster Payments

UK Faster Payment handles GBP and UK based payments for faster settlement to other GBP accounts,

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Casino Bank Account FAQs

Got questions? We try to answer your most challenging

We know the industry

When it comes to casinos needing bank accounts, Harvex are the leaders in the space. We know exactly how it works, what is needed and we helped build account solutions with Xace.

Our knowledge

Pick our brains or let us put together the exact account packages that you need, either way Harvex have the knowledge you will need to get the gambling bank account you need too.

iGaming related services

Accounting & banking for casinos

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Since we began working in Blockchain and Crypto in 2016, Harvex have been the perfect partners for everything to do with our finances. We're able to accept any currency, handle our FX and brokerage and they secured our bank account. Along with handling all our accounts and tax, we couldn't cope without Harvex.

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