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Gaming and Gambling Licenses

Harvex provide a full stack solution to online gaming, egaming, betting & remote gambling licenses. We offer options for both Fiat (GBP, USD, EUR, AUD etc) and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS) or a mixture.

Whether you are an individual or company and wherever you’re based in the world, we can support throughout the four key stages of gambling licenses; requirements, cost, application and ongoing compliance.

Gambling License Requirements

There are many types of gaming, egaming and remote gambling licenses – make sure you select the correct one.

Gaming License Cost

Costs of gambling licensing varies across jurisdictions – find out the cost of the gambling license necessary for your business.

Applying For A Gambling License

Ensure your gambling license application is correct and the entire process is efficient.

Ongoing Gaming Compliance

Make sure you stay compliant with the rules of the gambling license, with aspects such as reporting and geo-blocking countries.

Stage 1: Do I need a license?

Gambling License Check

Firstly you need to assess whether you need a gaming, egaming, betting or remote gambling license and whether the restrictions of the license are suitable for your business.

Types of Gaming License

There a few igaming licensing hotspots around the world and assessing these upfront is essential. The type of license you require will depend on a wide variety of factors, the category of gaming, gambling or betting, the jurisdiction you and your customers are based in, and the currencies (including cryptocurrencies) you plan to accept as payment. Each licensing authority has a different list of positives and this will influence the decision.

Through our extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, Harvex will work with you to find the correct type of gambling license. We are connected with all the main licensing authorities, including sub-licensors.


There are a wide range of categories, including online poker, bingo, slots, roulette, casinos, sports betting, sportsbooks, lottery sites, plus many more. It is important to align your online gaming license with your activity.

Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin Gaming Licence

Harvex can also arrange the appropriate licencing for crypto gambling operators. This type of license is unique and brings a specific set of requirements. Harvex can support with licensing for your related category.

Gambling License UK

The Gambling Commission in the UK are responsible for issuing licenses, operating under the Gambling Act 2005 law.

Isle Of Man (IOM) Licenses

The Online Registration Gambling Act 2001 forms the basis for the regulation of online gambling companies in the IoM.

Gaming Licenses Malta

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), are responsible for all categories of gambling, with around 10% of the worlds gaming operators based there.

Gaming Glibraltar License

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) was appointed in 2005 to issue gambling licenses.

Kahnawake Gaming License (Canada)

Based in Quebec, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission regulate and provide gambling licenses.

Curacao Gaming License

The Curacao gaming license is a popular choice for online gambling companies, since 1996 Curacao has been offering e-gaming (gambling) licenses.

Channel Islands Licenses

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission has been regulating gambling activities and issuing gambling licenses since 2000.

Antigua and Barbuda License

Gambling licenses from the Caribbean country are issued by Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission.

Dutch Gaming License

The Dutch Gaming Authority regulate gambling activities and issue license, for both online and offline operators.
Stage 2: How much does a gambling license cost?

License Costs

The costs vary between the different jurisdictions. Some licenses are viewed more favourably with regulators in other international jurisdictions, reducing the number of countries of which users need to be restricted. This process is known as ‘whitelisting’. As a result, these licenses command a premium for registration.

Harvex can inform you of the exact costs involved, prior to starting the process.

Stage 3: How do I apply?

Applying For A Gambling License

Once you decide where to register your online gambling company, you’ll need to file a formal application. In some cases this is obtaining a license from the regulator, in others it would be obtaining what’s know as a ‘sub-license’ from approved and regulated license holders. In either case, the application process can be supported by Harvex.

iGaming Regulation

Complying with the rules of the license issuing regulator is, of course, essential. During the application process, the regulation will be explained and an applicant will need to confirm they will adhere to the guidelines. Harvex will work with you to ensure you select a license that regulates your online igaming business suitably.

Crypto Casino

The application process for online gambling with crypto as a payment method has an enhanced level of due diligence. The application may be slightly longer, however it is possible to obtain a licence to cover punters using cryptocurrency.

Gambling | Gaming Company Incorporation

A potential gambling license holder may be required to incorporate a company in the jurisdiction in which they are applying for the license, irrespective of where the license holder is geographically based themselves. With the connections Harvex have, this process is usually fast. We can then applying for an online gaming bank account.

As a result, Harvex can oversee the entire process of opening a gambling or gaming company for you, including completing and filing all paperwork. To date, Harvex have opened companies in over 50 countries.

Stage 4: Gambling license renewal | Maintaining your license

Gaming License Compliance

Generally, licenses are issued for a period of 12 months, after which an extension will need to be filed. The regulatory bodies have the right to inspect the holder throughout the license term and check the guidelines are being followed.

Providing the rules have been followed the renewal process can be undertaken in a reasonably short timescale, for both traditional online sites as well as those accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other Cryptocurrency. Harvex will be able to support you on renewing application.

Harvex can provide factual information and assistance, however we do not provide legal advice.

Harvex do not work with gambling/gaming operators who wish to market to restricted countries, such as the USA.