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Security Token Accounting

We’re experienced STO accountants providing global support to our clients covering Setup and Structuring, Accounts and Tax, Brokerage and Banking.

As the cryptocurrency market has developed to incorporate STO’s, Harvex have built a strong niche of services to support tokens as securities.

” Security Token Offerings are international events – Harvex have international reach and can support you, wherever you are based “


What are Security Token Offerings (STO’s)?

By definition, Security Token Offerings are similar in construct to traditional equity style investments, ie revenue shares (dividends) and voting opportunities and importantly – regulation. The ICO phase of utility tokens, which boomed during late 2017, was renowned for usually not incorporating any of these factors.

However, regulation increases the administrative burden for the security token issuer throughout the life cycle, from initial Setup and Structuring, to STO Accounting and Tax, to Banking and Post-STO services. That’s where Harvex can assist.

Our Key STO Services:

Setup and Structuring

Setup your STO correctly from the start, considering the launch jurisdiction, KYC and AML procedures, bank account opening and legislation and flow of funds.


Complying with regulation is essential – where to regulate is another matter. With many options globally, Harvex can ensure you choose the correct option for your business.

Accounting and Tax

Initial tax planning (whether domestic or international) can ensure a smooth STO. Ongoing accounting and tax reporting is essential in maintaining investor confidence.

Post STO | Token Liquidity

Get listed on an exchange (one that accepts securities tokens), market and continue to build your business, giving your token liquidity and the token holders value into the future.

Security Token Offering (STO) Accountants and Tax Advisors

Accounting for STO’s

Ensure your STO financial statements are correct with expert STO accountants such as Harvex.

Whether your company uses IFRS or local standards such as UK GAAP or US GAAP, we have you covered. We are vastly experienced in accounting treatments and applying these to securities tokens.

Tax on securities tokens

Taxation of STO’s is a key area of importance – both during the initial planning phase, throughout the STO, and into the post-STO operations.

Correct interpretation and application of tax legislation from industry experts such as Harvex will ensure you remain compliant.

Bank account for STO

Harvex work with many of the world’s crypto friendly banks – this includes banks willing to onboard STO’s. Though the process may be longer than a traditional account opening, it is indeed possible to obtain a bank account for a Security Token Offering.

We are able to handle this entire process for you, utilising our direct bank contacts to make the process as efficient and timely as possible.

VAT on Security token offerings

If you are sure you qualify as an STO, rather than ICO, there is a no VAT to consider. However, we would advise the STO vs ICO assessment is conducted by an experienced, industry specific firm such as Harvex to avoid any unnecessary future complications.

How do I account for my STO?

Harvex can undertake all your STO accounting needs – bring our expertise to your project.

Where shall I launch my STO?

Harvex can explain and advise on the preferred launch jurisdiction, taking into account the unique aspects of your STO.

How to Tax an STO?

With global experience, we can explain the exact way to tax our securities tokens, throughout any international structures.

Security Token Offering (STO) Advisory

Security Tokens vs Utility Tokens

The first step is to ensure you classify your token or coin offering correctly. The process should not be approached lightly, as an incorrect classification can have significant consequences, so work closely with an STO accountant to prevent legal issues further down the line.

When it comes to STO’s vs ICO’s, Harvex are uniquely positioned to conclude, due to our extensive experience across coin offerings of all types.

Regulating a Security Token Offering (STO)

Launching a STO from the UK will present a completely different set of regulations to launching a STO from the USA. One size does not fit all, however Harvex have the experience and knowledge to guide you on this process.

Best countries to launch an STO

With regulation at different points internationally, with some governments having a larger pro-stance, you will find a variety of jurisdictions as options for a launch.

Targeting a suitable STO launch jurisdiction, considering both primary sales and secondary sales.

STO Company Set Up

Domestic or International, once you know the best structure, Harvex will be able to open the Token Offering Company for you.

Whitepaper Financials

As essential part of your whitepaper is the financials. Harvex can work with you to create your projections.

Security Token Offering Process

Want to understand more about the general STO process – contact Harvex for some preliminary advice.


Need some Board Directors for your STO – Harvex have connections with true industry experts to fulfill the role.

Post Security Token Offering Services

Conducting a STO is just the beginning, next you’ll need to ensure longevity in your business. This means a suitable STO exchange listing.

STO exchange listing

Security Token Offerings at this stage have limited exchange options. Harvex have a speciality in assessing STO’s and placing them with suitable exchanges, in a time efficient manner.

KYC and AML for a STO

Know your client and anti-money laundering on Security Token Offerings is a pre-requisite for a properly governed project. Integration of KYC / AML and even source of funds or source of wealth will be required even after the STO phase.

STO Liquidity

Brand awareness, marketing and continued business development are essential to retain value and liquidity for your newly listed token.

Harvex are connected with industry leaders who can work with you to ensure your business remains relevant.

UK Launch

Talk to us if you’re considering a Security Token Offering UK project. We can discuss HMRC, FCA, GBDR and more


A Security Token Offering in the USA will fall under the legislation of the SEC – we have trust contacts and experience to help.

Malta | Gibraltar | EU

For STO’s across the EU, whether the ‘Blockchain’ Island of Malta, or the other states, talk to Harvex to find the right option.

Rest Of The World

Harvex also structure and set up STO’s as far afield as the Caribbean – with each country having different rules and procedures.
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