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Emerging Market Services

Harvex provide market leading advisory and accounting services throughout emerging financial markets, bringing extensive corporate experience into complex regulatory environments.

ICO Services

Explore our range of ICO specific services from company formation through to accounting.

Trading, Exchange, Brokerage

We know exchanges, brokerage and trading platform regulations and structuring inside out, find out more.

Crypto Asset Management

For individuals and corporate crypto holders, we provide effective and compliant asset management services.


The regulation and tax minefield of online gaming providers is our speciality with years of extensive advising in the area.

Full ICO compliance advisory

ICO Advisory Services

If you’re due to run a token sale or ICO, the regulatory landscape can be overwhelming without the right advice or expertise in place. Harvex have spent the past 3 years working not only with ICO’s, but with banks and the various nations around the world that provide the most suitable, and compliant, solutions for cryptocurrencies.

Our experience is not only with those due to carry out a token sale or ICO, but also those that have successfully carried out a raise, exchanges that are trading crypto and even high net worth investors that require crypto asset management. As far as knowledge, research and delivered solutions, Harvex is leading the industry and providing solutions to some of the biggest names in crypto and gambling.

Explore all of our ICO services and get in touch for an initial consultation on your project.

The right structuring from the outset

Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Trading Platforms

Cryptocurrency exchanges are leading the way in mainstream adoption of new currencies, which also leaves them exposed as targets for regulators and tax officials looking for gaps or failure to comply. Decisions early on in the foundation of a new exchange can directly effect the business in the future, with possible costly legal fees or even fines being handed out for those who have got things wrong.

With Harvex, we take away much of this risk, with a deep knowledge of your existing market and multiple high profile clients already working with us for the best of their businesses. We’ll provide you with the answers you need and clarify any areas of concern or confusion, allowing you to focus on your company growth and technology solutions.

Solutions for corporate & personal assets

Crypto Asset Management

Once you hold crypto assets, there are various requirements you’ll need to comply with in order to stay legal or prevent being stung with unexpected tax bills or even fines. Many corporate and personal cryptocurrency investors are unaware of the exact requirements, due to regulation being different for each country or even state.

At Harvex, we have an extensive knowledge of what will be required of you, no matter where you’re based. We’ll assist you or your company in taking control of your crypto assets in the rights, from declaring what you hold to how to invoice or manage those assets once you have them. We have the answers you need, making our processes fast and efficient, leaving you confident your crypto affairs are in order.

Covering the needs of gaming industry

iGaming Advisory

The gaming industry has always been subject to extensive regulation and as the financial world continues to develop at speed, iGaming platforms are having to constantly review exactly what’s required of them. From new blockchain based igaming platforms to existing online businesses, being compliant is an essential part of being successful for the long term.

Harvex not only have the knowledge base within the igaming industry, but also across corporate finance, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, making us a standout service provider in this arena. Speak with us to discover how we can support the direction of your business for secure, long term growth.