STO Exchange Listing

Security Token Offering Exchange Listing | Process, Requirements, Fees


Listing Security Tokens

Harvex are connected with almost every major Cryptocurrency Exchange. Our contacts and knowledge has helped our clients list their tokens in a time efficient manner, with minimal hassle, including STO Exchange Listing.

We know the listing process inside out and have worked with security tokens globally.

Harvex are frequently contacted by the exchanges to provide new coins or tokens for assessment, as such, our clients are positioned to skip the usual queues.

Listing Process

The process involved in listing of securities tokens is thorough, but ultimately rewarding. Harvex’ direct channels of communication with cryptocurrency exchanges have led to a comprehensive understanding of the STO listing process.

We can share this knowledge with you and provide a full exchange listing service. If you’re doing an ICO, see our page for ICO Exchange Listing.

We have worked with multiple Security Token Offerings, of various sizes and undertaken token, team and project assessments on behalf of the exchanges.

r more information on the exchange listing process, check out our article here.

Which Exchanges Accept STO’s?

Most exchanges were originally created to list ICO’s, the legislation being ‘lighter’ and the number of ICO’s in the market was huge.

Security Exchanges are a different breed, geographical location and institutional vs public sale will impact which exchanges are regulated to accept STO’s. As such, the number of exchanges willing to accept STO’s is far less.

At Harvex – we know who those STO friendly exchanges are.

STO Exchange Requirements

Listing requirements vary per exchange – but a token assessment will be key. Our connections and experience have allowed us to build a knowledge base of exactly which requirements each exchange has, what they are looking for, and the questions you will be asked.

Harvex ensure you meet the requirements, in advance.


Listing fees are usually dependant on 1) the exchange in question 2) the pairings. As with almost all parts of an STO exchange listing – this varies. The project, perceived liquidity and pairings will all factor into the fee. Also, some exchanges have no listing fees, for the right businesses.

Harvex consider not just the fees, but also the future volume of trading you can potentially obtain.

List of Security Token Exchanges

Harvex’ clients have access to our wide contact base. This includes a comprehensive list of STO exchanges and platforms.

STO Blockchain

Maybe you’ve launched your token on the ERC20 or ERC1404 Blockchain, maybe you built your own. Technical integration is one part of the listing process.

STO Listing Service

Harvex’ Security Token Offering Listing Service can undertaken every aspect of the process for your project.

Security Token Offering Listing

STO Liquidity | Trading Volume

A common issue across not just STO’s, but cryptocurrency as a whole, is liquidity. Without liquidity the token is unappealing to many traders, as well as limiting sale options for the token holders. A lack of liquidity can cause a lack of trading volume, one of the key metrics for getting delisted from an exchange.

Harvex provide solutions to a lack of liquidity. If you are struggling with either, talk to us, we have market leading partners who can help.

STO Delisting | How to get listed after exchange delisting

In the majority of circumstances, delisting occurs due to two main reasons; 1) lack of trading volume and liquidity. 2) change in terms & conditions of the exchange.

Harvex offer services to ensure your token is listed on the most appropriate exchange for you. If you’ve worked with us for the entire process, you’ll be well positioned to avoid a delisting.

However, if you find yourself with a delisted coin, we have a range of services to rectify the situation.

Post Listing Services – STO Accounting, Tax & Advisory

Once your token is successfully listed, the compliance element of the business must continue.

Harvex Cryptocurrency and Blockchain services will be able to support you long after the exchange listing is complete, providing your token holders confidence, ensuring you comply with local or international standards and tax, plus guarding against delisting.

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